Lip Care

A leader and trendsetter in serious lip  care since the successful launch of the Aquafina lip care line in 2005 and the introduction of Lip Vitamins in 2006, now in over 37,000 doors nationwide. 
A niche leader in the childrens, tween and teen category, producing for 19 years, supplying both licensed and private label collections to retailers including Claires, Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.
With a strong private label and in house brand presence at specialty, mass and drug, AE is a major supplier to retailers such as CVS, Target, Sears and Wal-mart in mainstream missy cosmetics as well.
Bath & Body
A leader in the childrens, teen and tween category, producing for over 15 years both in licensed and private label.
Key supplier of mid tier, specialty and mass retailers in the private label sector of this category.
With the introduction of the Aquafina Premium Bath & Body line in 2007 in a modular setting at Mass, as well as the introduction Green by Nature in 2010 AE ontinues to grow its business in this category.
Skin Care
With the successful launch of the Aquafina Advanced Hydration Rx skincare line in 2007 in over 6,000 doors at Mass in a modular setting, and offering the only skincare line available in this category with the patented technology of QuSomes, currently only available in up market channels, AE is positioned as a major player in the skincare arena.
Dress Up/Role Play
As a natural extension of cosmetics for little girls as part of fantasy and interactive activity, the dress up aisle for little girls has become an integral part of our product assortment. From preschool through grade school, we service this destination with full collections of dress up items in the Mass market and specialty areas.
First Aid
Through our expansion of lip care into the cough and cold aisle, we recognized the opportunity to provide specific first aid products such as band aids and boo boo packs for children